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Originally Posted by daffy4u View Post
Are you getting a blank image every time you put your Kindle to sleep? Or do you see one blank image and re-do the hack?

I have one blank screen that I believe to be the thumbs.db file in the folder. I'm going to try deleting it to see if that gets rid of the blank page.
I was getting it every time I put the Kindle to sleep, never saw a single image after the hack. I even waited a few minutes sometimes, just in case the image size was too large (the .pngs were way bigger than the .jpgs I'd used when I tried the K1 version of the hack and got a glorified image directory instead of screensavers).

The hack appeared to apply correctly, since the version number came up with the correct "with screensaver hack" information. It's not a thumbs.db issue, because with system files showing, I would have seen a .db file on the Kindle, and there wasn't one. I'm wondering if this is a Vista issue -- anyone with Vista get it to work correctly?

I do need to double-check if I added an S to the directory name, but I don't think I did. (It's been a week, so I don't remember for sure...). I'll report back either way.
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