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Originally Posted by phenomshel View Post

I am so mad at Amazon right now I could spit. Not Dr Pepper either... broken glass, or nails, or something harmful.

Here's the problem; and I know I am not alone here. There is one series I really enjoy. I have purchased the rest of them from Books on Board, but they do not have the first book in the series. Matter of fact, NO ONE has the first book in the series except Amazon. I don't have a Kindle, therefore I cannot purchase the book. AGH!! If I was trying to get something for free, or circumvent the DRM on something, I wouldn't be so righteously indignant, but I can't even PAY FOR and purchase this book - simply because I chose a different device than a Kindle. Actually, I don't know if I should be angry at Amazon, or at the publisher (Kensington). I did write the author's publishing representative, as listed on the author's site, but have received no response. The rest of the series is available in other formats, just not the first book, so I know it's possible to do. If this boneheaded logic becomes common, I will have no choice but to start bribing Kindle owners to purchase material for me (that I pay them for) which I will then have to start dabbling in the grey area of scripts to be able to read.

for letting me hijack the thread to vent. Rant over.
What book is it?
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