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Originally Posted by stumped View Post
It works fine with any added full set of fonts, you just have to add 4 files per font to have the four variants, and copy them to where moon can access them
So I can have regular, italic, bold, and bold plus italic for e.g. bookerly
I have made an important discovery. Just having four font files is never going to be enough. For them to be detected by Moon+ as four variations of the same font, they absolutely MUST be named as Font.otf (or .ttf), Font-Italic.otf, Font-Bold.otf and Font-BoldItalic.otf. The hyphens are necessary and there cannot be a space between Bold and Italic. No other naming conventions are acceptable.

This is the case with some other e-reader apps as well. I have also confirmed this for ALReader, which has the further restrictions that the fonts can only be TTFs (OTFs are not acceptable), and they must only be in the sdcard/fonts folder. (You cannot choose the folder like Moon+.)

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