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Originally Posted by maggotb0y View Post
I've created a perl script that will convert a BookDesigner html0 file to an ePub book. This is an early attempt and still needs lots of work, but I'm posting it for those that are interested (backups are your friend, etc, etc). Right now, this requires that info-zip's zip.exe be somewhere on the path, and this is Windows only at the moment. I hope to remove both of these requirements at some point.

I could use some help wrapping this up, I'll happily take any advice from anyone who has some suggestions.

I've attached the Perl script (when it's a little more polished I'll compile and post the .exe) so you'll need Perl to run it. For those who are just interested in seeing the output, I've attached "Ivanhoe" by Sir Walter Scott in a bookDesigner generated Sony Reader file, and the .epub version as well. Eventually I'll work on a more capability intensive test, but I've already noticed some things that the ePub engine renders better- for example a line ending in a dash with an endquote can lead to a line with only a dash and endquote in Sony's format. The ePub file seems not to suffer from this.
Hi! I could really do with some help on this one, as I like to use Book Designer to tidy up my files, but can't convert the html0 format to ePub, which is what I want to use. I've installed Perl and downloaded the script here, but I have no idea what to do next to actually convert the file. Can someone talk me through it?

I suspect that the part that I've highlighted in bold in the quote above is where I'm going wrong, as I have no idea what it means! I've found Info-Zip's Zip.exe, but how do I put it "somewhere on the path"??

Basically, I need to know very basic stuff, too, such as actually where to run the script, etc. I'd appreciate it if anyone can give me a quick step-by-step guide so I can get on with converting my books!

Also, a slightly OT question: a while back, I created an LRF file using Book Designer, embedding a font during the creation. As a result (and I'm sure you can all guess what's coming next), the page turn speed for that particular book is very slow in comparison to "normal" LRF or ePub files.

Would I be right in thinking that, if I stick to using ePub files, and install the font I want to use directly to my PRS-505, the page turn speed will be back to normal?

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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