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Originally Posted by rlauzon
So, we have a choice: we can have a system that is optimized for the hardware, making the device fast and easy on the power - with the downside that any problems will probably require a large change to the system. Also, supporting new hardware is much more difficult.

Or we can have a system that is less optimized and modular, making the device a little slower and a little more power hungry - with the upside that problems are quickly and easily corrected and support for new hardware much easier.
We're on the same side here. I just think the Iliad uses just a few general-purpose pieces too much. Like the window manager (where there are no windows to manage), or gtk (where cairo would have sufficed), and such.

Originally Posted by rlauzon
I've already dealt with such a choice and that's why I haven't used a Microsoft product at home since 2001.
Ca. 1997 here... basically. But the awful truth is I have a Windows (for the games!) at home, and give presentations using PowerPoint. Shame on me. But I swear, that's it! Believe me please!
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