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Paul Moews
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preliminary impressions

So far I've only looks at text files - have yet to try mp3
and pictures.

The ability to display text, rft, and pdf files is a big step
forward. In the limited time I've had the machine I've been
impressed at how well txt and rtf files are displayed. The size
button works for txt and rtf and allows one to display the files
at three different sizes: small, medium, and large. I've only used
rtf files saved directly from Word - don't know if they are further
treated if one goes through the Sony software - but the ones I've
used work well.

PDF files allow links. The Operation Guide contains link which work
both on the reader and with Adobe Reader on the PC. It seems to be
easy enough to create similar manuals, although far less elegant, in
Word followed by a conversion to PDF in Adobe Acrobat and the addition
of the links. I don't completely understand the size buttons effect
on PDF files. The page switches between fit "visible" and fit
"width" . It doesn't seem to have anything to do with margins -
An option in Settings allows one to make landscape the default
viewing mode; in landscape the page is about 5 x 7 inches and shown
in 2 halves. My machine's Software Version is

Impressive but still the old story of a nice piece of technology looking
for a purpose. A nice thing for storing manuals for technicans to carry
about - maybe for salesmen to lighten their load, etc. Perhaps that's
why Sony opened it up a bit.

Any thoughts on fit visible vs fit width?

Well back to "The Italian's Stolen Bride" - the included Harlequin romance.
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