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xianfox, sigma8 thank you for your insights, particularly on the actual usage experience. Seems like iRex is in the "questionable" category of products, which is kinda sad, i liked the Iliad, but i won't spend 5 hundred euros if I am likely going to face issues up front.

Just to clarify things a bit up, I am a student as in university kind , as well as a businessperson (running a small company). Therefore the need for annotating pdf's is twofold: one for making notes (school usage), second for highlighing, searching etc (i am in software development), as sniffing through technical manuals, which can grow past the point, where one would actually print it out, is my daily job and web browser is not good enough. Seems like for the pdf's, tablet pc is going to be the way to go. Sadly, it's not the great eInk I was hoping for, but I do need the annotation feature.

Ok, I tend to agree with the "stay cheap" route, after practically spent my whole day reading through tons of reviews. Consequently, here comes the obvious question: what reader do you use and are you satisfied?

I reconsidered a bit on the Sony reader, thinking of getting the 700. I know about the screen issues, but seems like there is no universal consensus on that either, lot of former 505 users love it, other hate it. As you can see, I am still into the touch screen , albeit here only in convenience fashion. Another thing I like is the reflowable pdf, fast processor and of course, epub. On the other hand, hopes for openinkpot (which may support a lot of the features above in the future) are not high, I figured.

So, the decision now lies between: sony 700, jinke (in whatever flavour), cyboook. Now I am stuck with the suggested pros/cons paper, not making any progress
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