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Originally Posted by Bob Russell
As Alex said about being paid by Sony for posting - of course not. But my enthusiasm has obviously exploded exponentially based on playing with the actual device and reading on it. Mori is right on. I love it and it shows! It's the first e-ink device I've read on, and it's the only one so far in the U.S. that has the backing and infrastructure (including the store) that Sony offers. It's expensive, but affordable. It's a great size. And it's wonderful to use. I like the Sony team and their enthusiasm, I like the hardware, I love the screen, and I think it's the only e-ink device so far with a chance to work for mainstream readers. So I guess everyone will just have to accept my enthusiasm. But I think it's about the most exciting news to ever hit the e-book world!
Aye I agree the Sony Readers sounds like it was made in heaven but it would still be nice to get some _objective_ news about it, otherwise I'll just go read some Sony propaganda

Anyway I am curious for a review of somebody who has both devices and compares them.

Any iLiad owner in the US that ordered one ?
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