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Originally Posted by rlauzon
You seem to be greatly confused about what "reading experience" is. So I'll help set you straight.

The reason Copyright exists is that reproducing the value of books is very easy - because the value of books has nothing to do with the physical-ness of the book. The value of books is in the words, and the ideas those words represent. Books are really nothing more than an efficient communications medium for transmitting ideas from an author to someone else.
I couldn't agree more with your words... but you see... what will happen at least in the short term will be the same as with music... in the end you'll pay as much (or considering that nowadays a 18 euros cd either comes with double disc or a DVD, sometimes more) money for a digital music as you paid for the physical CD... Why? Well, Music industries usually argues that since you can get to choose single track you should pay more per track... but since thay charge the same for the whole cd in digital form the correct argument is that they feel a digital copy offers value comparing to CD so they charge more... In creativity (specially in a cartel industry) don't compete economicaly thus they don't need to lower the price for people to buy their stuff... they can even charge more... but in the end if customers feel like they are being ripped-off they'll try to get what they want some other way.

I think that Sony eReader does have potencial... it is a bit more expensive than what I would pay for... (if it would cost 250-300 USD I would buy right away) but what will happen is like what happen with PSP: people will circunvent their drm protection and run their own content.

The lack of backlight in Sony eReader might sound a stupid thing but I believe eReader is trying to appeal for normal people who don't usually read ebooks on screens and those people reads with the light of the room.. even I try to have a small light behind me to read with my palm.
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