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Originally Posted by Dragoro View Post
I love my kindle. I dont get the complaints people are having with it. I might be missing something, but this whole PID experience doesnt seem to have had any affect with my use. Granted, I aint the most comp savy or ereader savy person out there, so I dont know. I just dont get what the big deal is.
It's simple. Amazon is trying to kill two birds with one stone. They're using the excuse of copy protection to make it impossible for you to purchase content from anybody other than Amazon and read it on your Kindle.

Now if you only purchase books from Amazon and only ever plan to purchase books from Amazon then this is in fact a non-issue. BUT if your library offers e-books or you want to legally purchase books from Books-On-Board or a few of the other websites that sell books formatted and protected in the mobi format Amazon is going to stop that and using the cover of copy protection violations as cover...
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