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The trouble is those scripts don't circumvent copy protection and you're not illegally distributing books even if you use the script on a file...

The copy protection on the mobi files restrict them to being read ONLY on the device with the valid mobipocket pid that's in the encryption for that file. The scripts provide Kindle users with valid mobipocket pids - that's it.

My wife has a PRS-505. If she buys a mobipocket book for her 505 I can't read it on my Kindle scripts or not because it's not encrypted for the PID on my device - the scripts in question don't change that...

These scripts DON'T break the DRM on Amazon's files and in reality don't break the mobipocket DRM either... What they are doing is allowing the Kindle (and possibly the iPhone via the Amazon app) to work within the framework of the mobipocket DRM.
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