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Originally Posted by meibao View Post
For the purchase of content, they say it has to be linked to a US issued credit card.

I live in Singapore and intend on getting a Kindle. Lucky for me my postal service here has a service where they will provide us with an address in the US and then ship it out to us here, so that's what I'm gonna do when I purchase my Kindle. As for content, well there's so much free stuff out there for me to upload to my Kindle, I don't think I'll be purchasing any content from Amazon any time soon but I will give the gift card route a try.
You don't need a U.S. credit card. If your account is with amazon USA, then use a valid U.S. address and add gift codes for purchase, and finally delete the credit card information. Now you would be able to buy kindle books. But you can't buy pre-order books. Whenever, you run out of money from your gift card just buy gift cards by adding your credit card, and delete thereafter; or use a different amazon account with a different email to buy gift cards - that's probably the best way.
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