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A4, touchscreen, Japanese, 3G?

I'm looking for an A4-ish device, with touchscreen, supporting Japanese (or DBCS in general) and European languages, with 3G connectivity for over-the-air updates. It's possible that I'd be purchasing the device in large quantities, possibly large enough to develop custom firmware.

The obvious guys would be Jinke, but I've had no success in getting a response from the company. I've also spoken with Plastic Logic, but that seems to be a UK-based company with a US-based marketing office, and no interest in any market outside the US right now. Finally, I've used the Toppan/Fujitsu color touchscreen device, but its contrast ratio is around 7:1 and screen refresh is a whopping 15 seconds.

I also note that most of the current crop of A4 devices were announced in 2007, yet they don't seem to be coming to market. Has anyone seen a Netronix EB900, for example?

Sorry if I'm asking a lot of previously-answered questions, I've read as much of the site as I can, and searching for "A4", of course, doesn't work!
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