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Originally posted by gvtexas
Just brainstorming here Griff (and these are not Alex's thoughts), but what if the new version of the WCC were *only* available for a fee at PalmGear, etc...and not available here for free any longer? Seems likely people would get p.o.'d if they paid only to discover it was free here with an easy registration....or perhaps it's only free here to those already registered...

Again, just a brainstorm (or the gaseous activity variety )!
Hmm, the question to me is, how long does one get free updates if you have to pay for it? I personally wouldn't mind if it were only available for a fee however I wouldn't pay every time a new version came out. I suppose you'd have to have some way to determine major versions and charge only for those.

I think you'd find many people paying and then trading it with friends if it were only available for a fee. The idea behind charging at PG would be to attract people who don't already know about turcic. If they later found the site, fine, but I doubt many would be po'd if they paid $2.95 and then found they could've gotten it for free.

You could also make it available only to users who've registered here and have been registered for a certain period, maybe two weeks or some such. Those with patients who find the site will wait two weeks and get it for free, those who are impatient can go to PG to buy it, those who don't know what turcic is, will find it on PG during their search for ISilo or HandStory.
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