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Best e-reader for Cyrillic text?

I realize that it may be better manners to start my own thread rather than hijack someone else's; so here goes.

I have a ton of public-domain e-books, mostly in .txt format. About half of them are in Russian, so one of my basic requirements for a reader is that it should be able to display Cyrillic text. I'm not really interested in DRM'd e-books, because I got burned on that once already; I've got a whole bunch of PalmReader-formatted books (*.pdb, encrypted with my credit-card number) that I cannot read on any other device. But if any of the existing e-readers can read encrypted *.pdb files, I'd prefer those.

Can some of the experts here recommend an e-reader? Based on my own cursory research thus far, I like the BeBook the best - but I'm not sure I fully know what I'm talking about.
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