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I love my Jetbook. I don't see the glare as even an issue at all,its small and actually portable as opposed to the Kindle which is a bulky thing (IMO) and (again IMO) not that attractive except for the "OMG THAT IS SO COOL" factor it inspires. Of course, I get those spasms of glee over my new Jetbook, but then Oswego NY is not the hotbed of gadget love and my Aspire One gets oohs and ahhs non stop.

As far as the Sony goes, I do agree the Sony may be the better of the two. The Sony is sleek, but the drawbacks to both nearly level them as far as my decision went.

I'm also super displeased with the Kindle limitations. I was horribly offended by the 1,500 books should be enough for anyone statement made by Amazon. If I want 1501 books, by god, give them to me. I just paid $360 bucks on your gadget give me my darn expandable slot back. So instead with my Jetbook, I've invested in a few cheap 256 SD cards (at $3 each free shipping) a case that holds 48 SD cards, and I'm slowly building my collection waiting for the cards to get here.

I've also created sub folders inside the reader itself. Instead of having "science fiction" I might have a folder called that, then 15 sub folders of different authors.

I need to do the upgrade still, but over all, the jetbook is worth each and every penny and I'll make my money I spent on it back by selling all the books I move to electronic format. Like my entire Anne Rice, Piers Antony, and other sets I've collected over the years. Some book lover will get them and we'll both be happy.

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