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Originally Posted by Bob Russell
And I think there are also people that like the concept of carrying, what, maybe 4000 books on a tiny device plus a 4gb Memory Stick. That truly is a full library in the palm of your hand!
Again, that is compelling for people like students or technical users who must carry around many books.

However there is not a correlation between carrying "1000 songs" and "1000 books". A song lasts 3 minutes. Most people take days to read one book.

As such, there is a big convenience advantage in having many songs in a player. My son uses a 256mb MP3 player and has to connect it up to change the songs every so often, so I can see the convenience of having gigabytes to hold one's entire song collection.

But, in the case of casual novel reading, the same thing doesn't apply.

The average person may not end up using ebook readers until such a time that ebooks are the dominant format. For example, I have relatives who would be happy to continue to buy audio cassettes and rent VHS tapes, but they can only find CD's and DVD's in the stores, so they have learned those.

PS Personally, I have read more ebooks than paper books over the last 5 years, so I am only trying to figure out what other people will do...
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