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Originally Posted by Slava

try article, it has iPod history and sales figures.
Thanks, that was interesting.

The iPod did not start having mass acceptance until early 2004, after the following things all happened:

- iMusic Store opened
- 3rd Generation iPod
- iPod Mini which was smaller, cheaper and had a dock

This is clear from looking at the sales figures, which is why Sony made sure to have the Connect Store up and running, and to have an optional dock available.

One interesting thing from the Wikipedia page is that people were willing to put up with all sorts of poorly designed aspects of the iPod (poor battery life, no screen brightness control, nonreplaceable battery, poor bass response), in order to have two things:

- Style


- Ease of Use and Convenience

It is also important to point out that all iPods (and other MP3 players) have worse sound quality than the previous generation of portable sound devices - handheld CD players.

This leads to three conclusions:

- The quality of the e-ink display will be compelling to high-end users, but not to average people.
- An easier interface will be needed before ebook readers can have mass acceptance.
- Ebook developers should concentrate on the textbook market, rather than the bestseller market. The biggest advantage of ebooks is that you can hold many books in a compact device. So, students - already more open to new ideas - are the natural market for ebook readers if the textbooks are almost all available in digital form.

In contrast, the bored housewife buying a $7 bestseller at the grocery store is not going to be using an ebook reader. Do people want a digital device for that very popular novel that they read over a weekend and then forgot about?

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