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I’ve contacted Amazon customer service to return my second Kindle. Both of them had the same problem. After 30 seconds to a minute indirect sunlight the E-Ink print degraded to only partial readability. This is 2 Kindles. The first I received on Friday, and noticed the problem on Saturday. Customer service was very nice, and they send a replacement out. I received that one today, charged it, took it outside on and watched my happiness fade away. I also own a Sony 505, and although it is affected by sunlight, it only happens when the Reader gets very warm. When I tilt the screen, or refresh, the print looks all right again. On the Reader, the font seem to “thin”, and thicken again after a refresh. With the Kindle the font softens and shortly “breaks-up”. It looks like a printed page that was produced with a copier low on ink. I am not a sunbather. The Kindle problem happens when I’m outside having a coffee and reading with my back to the sun. As soon as it hits the screen the degradation starts. Customer service will send both Kindles to their “development team” and get back to me. Amazon was patient and helpful, and exhibited great customer service.
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