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Here is how to make a screen saver label in photoshop (should also apply to other basic photo editing programs)

Open the image your planing to use and make sure it is the size you want 600x800 or as close as possible. Under file, click new then pick any size, I would choose 2x3, you will resize it later.

It will come up as a vertical so under Imagerotate it to horizontal, if you want. Using the type tool, choose your font and write out how you want it to read. In mine I used one type for my name and one for Kindle, if your more advance in PS you can get more fancy. I also added a tiny flower I took from the image. Once you get it how you want.... got to Layers and hit merge visible.

Now resize the image to fit onto your image, I would make a duplicate and save your original so you have it. You may have to make a few guesses to get it right. Using the move tool you can drag it onto your original to see if it fits the way you want.

If you want to create a boarder... go back to file and open another new document, then fill it with a contrasting color. Drag your label onto and crop till you have the thickness of a boarder that you want...then merge these. After you position the label onto the image they way you want then I would merge these and adjust the contrast and sharpness if necessary. The save the whole thing as a jpeg.

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