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Originally Posted by daffy4u View Post
If you've set up your account at Amazon. Go to "manage my Kindle". Add the email address you want to use to send converted books to your phone. Use one of the addresses to send the book to "" and you should be good to go. Your free (non-DRM) book has been Kindleized for use with the Kindle app.

Though I can download your sample PD book and read it on my Kindle, the Kindle app has fewer features. Its purpose is to give you access to Kindle books (which many non Kindle owners have been clamoring for). Books you get elsewhere can be read on something else or need to be converted for use with the app.
Amazon had told me when I asked them that this didn't work for the iPhone app. I tried it for kicks, and I emailed it to the address. But it hasn't shown up, have you gotten this to actually work?

See Stanza will read mobi books, I can transfer them with the Stanza app... but the whole appeal of the Kindle app is that it uses the same Location numbers as the Kindle, so despite, non-amazon books not working with Whispersync, I could still pick up reading between the two, if they didn't lock up my phone.
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