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Reading a non-amazon book on my iphone kindle app locks up the phone[SOLVED]

Ok, this is odd, but I've been able to confirm this through several reboots.

I downloaded a book from this board, that was in MOBI format, transferred it to my jailbroken phone via SSH.

It shows in the amazon app. It opens, I can read it for a few pages, and then. BAM! Locks up the iphone. Sometimes, I am able to get the iphone to force quit the application, and get back to the home screen. Sometimes, I can't even get back to the home screen unless I do a hard reboot(holding the home key and power key down).

I thought at first, maybe the kindle app is phoning home. So I turned on Airplane mode, no wireless, nothing. Still I open the Kindle app, flip 3 pages in my non-amazon book. BAM, locks up everytime. Anyone else confirm this for me? Did I transfer it wrong? I didn't rename it or anything I just transferred it. So just now I tried renaming it to a convention similar to other books, so it would look similar... but still. Flip 3 or 4 pages, locks up.

Sneaky amazon, sneaky. I know you want me to buy your books, but I'm not buying a Kindle if I can't read any book from my kindle on both devices...

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