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Originally Posted by Octochick View Post
Can some explain these two steps in a little more detail:

2) Copy "Update_kindle2_user_screen_savers.bin" to the root of your Kindle2.

Is that I file I am creating? and where is thr "root" of my K2

3) Change directories to the "system" folder.
How do I change the directories?

Thanks for any help... !
you need to download the .zip file version .03 a little bit further back in this thread. Unzip it. Inside will be a text file with full instructions, and two files with the suffix '.bin' - one is for updating, the other is for uninstalling the screen saver patch. Plug in your kindle and open it up in a window. Drag the update file to the main directory of your kindle. (has the documents, system, etc. folders in it. This is your root or bottom or main directory. Once there, open the system folder, this changes your focus to the system folder. Once there continue following directions on copying your images and rebooting your 2k.

Let me know if this wasn't clear.

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