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Originally Posted by Robotech_Master View Post
No, we has not. You can't put anything on it that doesn't come from Amazon unless you've jailbroken your phone. And even if you have, you still have to use the kindlepid script to extract the device ID and the kindlefix script to fix any DRM-locked books just as with the hardware Kindle.

This is far from the Mobipocket for iPhone client people have been demanding.
Well, I can manage to free my purchased .prc from drm. Since I have a jailbroken iPhone, I will try to ssh or iphonebrowser my .prc to the archived items folder, locally inside the iPhone. I'll test this theory on the coming weekend.

I managed to ssh my jailbroken iPhone - after installing SSH to the iPhone via Cydia. With an iMac, I opened Terminal, and ssh root@ipaddress. Then I go to the Kindle\Document\Ebooks and copy 3 free .prc from the other thread here.
When I open Kindle app in my iPhone, there are 3 covers for 3 prcs, and I can read them well.
Not yet the ultimate mobireader for iPhone, but iPhone owners can surely make use of Kindle for iPhone to store their unDRMed prc.

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