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Originally Posted by foro.carlos View Post
I received my Lifebook Mimas Today and it's pretty good. There's some caveats but the balance is good so far.

Just a quick review of what i like and what i don't

  • Screen is responsive and sharp (a little bit greyish but good enough)
  • OS is good with some caveats. You can change the default ebook reader which is mandatory for me
  • Notetaking is amazing. Very good app and very responsive.
  • The stylus works very well and the feeling on the screen is not like paper but it feels nice (a little bit sliddy but not in a bad way)
  • Deleting notes with the "rubber" in the pen its pretty good in the notes app (not that good in the PDF app )
  • The pdf experience is ok if you are reading (note taking in pdf is not perfect tho)
  • The front light is very good and uniform.
  • It's Android 6 so you can install apps I already setup some automations to download my books into it !!
  • Since it has SDcard I plan to have the whole Wikipedia OFFLINE in it with kiwix!! Isn't it great?!

Not that good:
  • PDF notetaking is kind of shitty mainly because the palm rejection don't work very well and theres no way to disable the touch layer (unlike in the notetaking app)
  • Fixed lock wallpaper. no random slideshow.. Maybe doesn't sound very important but i love other ereaders capacity to act as a slideshow frame
  • you can't wake up the device with the home button.. which is anoying since you have to find the tiny button in the upper side
  • Ebook reading app lacks customization options, it is pretty basic compared with moonreader or alreader (my favorite) but it doesn't matter since you can change the default app for epubs and such.
  • 430 grams is a little bit on the heavy side but i just weighted a couple of medium books and notebooks and they are around 500G each so.. well... it weights like a book.
  • The likebook case is very neat and it wakes the mimas automagically when you open it but.. it weights 200G. I would love a much lighter version of the case. Maybe ill try to improvise one out of a Moleskine.. and some velcro.
  • A black model would make the screen better.. but in white looks better i guess.

As you can see most of the caveats are firmware or software related so I'm pretty sure some feedback to Boyue could do the magic.

Very happy so far. Now i'll try some apps to test the stylus outside the system ones and try to root it to automate some stuff with Tasker. It would be very usefull if someone could handle me the Onyx boox reader and pdf APKs in order to test if they play well with this beauty.

If you have any questions or something just ask.
So I just recieved mine as well - Have you tried connecting it to a PC? - Mine doesn't seem to react at all when I connect via USB. It does charge though. EDIT - It works with another UCB C cable I have - The cable that comes with it doesn't seem to go as far into the port. Very weird but not a dealbreaker

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