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Bin File Disappears

Originally Posted by clarknova View Post
Oh yeah, for those that are impatient, lack caution, or are just interested in the code, I'm attaching my K2 screen saver hack. It works for me, but I can't guarantee it won't DESTROY YOUR KINDLE 2.

Honestly, if you can't view the source code and understand what it's doing then you should just stay away.

And if you're still around after those warnings:
Well I figured I'd give this a try,copied the bin file to the root of my Kindle. Ejected the Kindle. Update grayed out...hmmmm. Reconnected to my computer. Bin file is gone. I did this several times. Tried turning K2 off, putting it to sleep, etc. The bin file always disappeared. If I copied it to the system folder it doesn't disappear.
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