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A quick thank you to the people who gave me useful feedback on Iliad R2.6.1.

After reading this forum and the iRex forum I agree it is currently suitable for "innovators" - read geeks - and "early adoptors". It certainly has the potential for further broader application.

I have been talking to people about the Iliad and I get a similar reaction. Have you seen my latest tablet/laptop its really light and great. Is that like the Sony DVD player? etc etc.

My feeling is that the Iliad is a bit like trying to describe a computer-mouse to someone. A picture is worth a thosand words. Having an Iliad in yours hands with show-and-tell is the best way to describe the product.

I look forward to the SDK and all sorts of applications. Gee maybe I can throw away my trusty Palm Vx soon - which has my phone numbers and diary in it? Welcome a Outlook synch program early in the Iliad open-source world.
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