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I agree with keeping things simple.I used to have a 505,and when it broke,after investigating various options,I was actually all set to go and replace it with another 505-but I decided to at least go take a look at the 700BC first-I bought mine at the Sony Store,and I figured if after a week,I hated it,I could take it back and go get another 505 instead.I've actually grown to love it.Meanwhile,after my less than pleasant experience trying to fix the 505 (ultimately for the cost of fixing it was either a) fix it b) get a new one -505 or c) get the 700)-had I actually seen more of the Kindle (in person) and had a chance to play with it-its possible I would've gotten one.But in the last couple of days-I've decided-I really like having a device that does its one thing well-and isn't "connected".
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