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I'm not sure it'll work like the music business - part of the reason for this was the target market and the fact there was a huge volume of p2p usage and copying - I'm not sure that target markets for readers are going to buy the device on the strength of available content any time soon.
In terms of bundling deals with newspapers - I also struggle to see the economic model - you'd be talking about a multi-year subscription to fund the device, even at 150 (although now I have mine it'd be great to subscribe to an Iliad version at the same cost as the paper version!)
Perhaps Libraries or Universities? But then again students won't buy a laptop AND an Iliad ... and they'll need the laptop...
ComanderROR - I fully agree about Joe Public deciding the fate of eReaders, and don't see anything yet to make him shell out 150 on this type of device sadly ...
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