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I think the whole process will work like it worked in the music buisness.
More and more people will buy such devices an therefore more book will get scanned.
The devices will become cheaper and someday it will become a boom and the bookpublishers will also have missed the step into the digital world.

I don't believe, that the ebook through official sources will work because the publishers arn't interested in it and therefore the prices and DRM-limitations are so harsh nobody really want's to buy these things. Why should I pay the same price for an ebook which I can't even loan to a friend?

I also think, that the publishers are too confident in the "security" of a paperbook. Digitising a 300 Page Book only takes about 2h with the right device (bookscanner for about 300$) and there are more then enough people in the internet who are willing to spend that amount of time.

So I think the ebook-boom won't come in the next 2-3 years. Allthough I think the ebook will become commonly used by techfreaks and early adopters in the next year or so because I believe the devices reached a development state where they are really handy and usable.

I myself bought an iLiad and even with the actual software I think it is fully usable and it became one of the most important devices for me in only about 1 1/2 month.
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