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Alternative to REB 1200 firmware upgrade?


Sorry to bump into an old subject, but I just bought a REB 1200 with a 2.0 firmware, and since I'm from Brazil (so please excuse any errors you'll find), it's not the easiest thing to send it to ETI.

I read a lot of things about this problem, and it seems to me that the firmware updates were first done trough the site (Gemstar's). Now, there are some programs (GEB Librarian, Impserve, REB1200 Librarian) that fool the REB in an ethernet conection with a HTTP Proxy so that you can serve books from your computer as if from a site.

It occurred to me that maybe this scheme could also be used to update older firmware (such as Yours Trully ) to a newer one. A 4.22 firmware update would be nice, but even 3.1 would facilitate things a lot.

I leave to the experts to see if this is possible.

Thanks for your attention,

Best regards.

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