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Unhappy PLEASE SOMEONE REPLY: Can't connect to iDS

NO ONE HAS RESPONDED (2nd March) and i really need help with this, even though i can't make it look urgent by pestering, cos i have trouble getting here very often or for very long at a time.

I introduced myself Thursday but it's taken me this long to get back to the forums. Was getting overwhelmed with distinguishing the main problems from the little niggles. I have a list of small questions but i will ask them one at a time. For today...

I seem to have the opposite problem to skoobwoman's My iLiad connects to the pc with no problem. In fact i've been using it like a pendrive, just dragging files to and fro from my hard drive. (No one told me i'd get confused with invisible files etc!) I only installed the companion software a few days ago.

But i can't connect to iDS. I connect the iLiad, and open the companion software. Each time, the log says:

iLiad is connected
<iLiad> Transfer files to iLiad started
Transfer files to iLiad completed
<iLiad> Backup of iLiad started

which is no problem, but then:

<iLiad> Error copying file "G:\documents\Reference\iLiad Companion Software Manual.pdf"

and error messages for all the rest of the backup.

(In fact that's all it did just now, but other times it has given a long list of files that it couldn't copy.)

Clearly i'm not connecting to iDS, which i can tell cos the time still tells me i'm in 1917.

Yesterday i managed to use Merge - and i can view the iLiad's contents as a folder on my G:\ drive. So something's right; but something's wrong too.

Also i can't transfer files from the hard drive Outbox onto the iLiad, though i suspect that is to do with downloading them before registering with MyiRex. Or something.

I have promised a product review and i can't write it before i have used it as it's intended! Besides, generally i think i'm going to love this device, and i don't want to tell the world it's dreadful, but so far all i can say is that i can't get it working properly.

I did input my iDS settings on the iLiad, btw. I'm not double-checking now, cos i have a headache i can't see through, but i did double-check yesterday.

Thanx for any help...

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