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bsnick began at the beginning.
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Device: Onyx M96+, T68+, Max2, YP2, HiSense A2 Pro
I have:

M96 & M96+ Kit Kat from: 2015-11-29 & 2017-05-02:

M96 & M96+ Ice Cream Sandwich from: 2014-09-30 & 2015-11-12:

T68+ (maybe T68 too) Kit Kat from: 2015-11-10 & 2017-05-02:

T68+ (maybe T68 too) Ice Cream Sandwich from 2017-05-03:

These are the Mfgtool2 zip files from the old ereader store (Booxter's). The names were changed because they used to be more generic and I couldn't tell which was KK & which was ICS. Or maybe it was M96 & T68 I added. Or both. I forget. The M96 7zip file also has an in it. Not sure if it came that way or I did it myself.

Personally I've been using the older KK image without much issue, but I don't use the Onyx apps. I believe some problems were reported with the newer ones for some people so I never bothered to 'upgrade' mine.

These are mega links, but I've never tried sharing via Mega before, so I have no idea if I've done it right. Let me know.

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