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Here is my email...

Just sent this email to Kindle support:

Hello, i've been using my Kindle 2 and would like to put my own screensavers on it. Before you respond saying this "would be considered an alteration and would void your warranty", please answer why this is not a possibility?

Whenever I show my Kindle 2 to a friend or colleague, first I have to explain why there's an ugly picture on the front - "hold on, I just have to wake it up, yeah it's bizarre these pictures just show up, yeah it's pretty ugly, just a couple more seconds and I can show you, ok here we are..." - it ruins the whole experience. I've stopped showing people my Kindle.

Plus it is a dis-satisfier whenever I pick up my Kindle, having to look at a picture I don't like and wait for it to disappear, rather than a picture I have selected and enjoy looking at that starts my Kindle experience off positively.

In reading online forums, this is a meaningful enjoyment issue for many Kindle users, and is something that is straightforward to fix in the software. Please forward this request to Jeff Bezos so he can prioritize it based on the user experience and the initial un-enjoyment this feature creates every time I pick up my Kindle 2.
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