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Originally Posted by pilotbob View Post

Did you create your key file... by following the directions in the readme that comes with convert lit?

I tried to follow the directions, ( I have them printed out beside me ) but I am confused because I've had some error messages. First when I clicked 'Deconvert' a message shows up at the bottom of the list:
Decryption Failed - No keys available for this title.

Then I did find some 'keys' called 'Reader Key Recovery Tool.exe and when I click on them it tells me that it is processing activation DLL for Microsoft Reader (66716004) Writing keys to a folder on C drive.
A screen pops up giving me an option to 'Get Key' which I click on. It then tells me to open a DRM5 ebook in a new MSReader window.
the Reader opens but when I click on the book I get 2 error messages.
1. 'Microsoft Reader:MSReader.exe application error'. That the memory could not be written and a whole bunch of numerals and letters!
2. MSReader Recovery Tool 1.0 Remote Error (more numerals and letters) Unexpected program termination error = c0000005
3. Windows Explorer tells me when clicking on the clit.exe after I have clicked on the book I'm asked to select the parent directory for the expanded LIT file,I'm told that it doesn't exist or is not a directory.

So, I'm sorry to be such a 'doofuss' and you are probably almost as confused now as I am. If you are unable to give me the answer, no problem. I'll just keep trying 'cos I think I'm related to Robert the Bruce who famously said "If at first you don't succeed, try and try and try again"
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