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Originally Posted by dadioflex View Post
The comix companies exploit the collectors market to the hilt putting out multi-cover issues, cross-series team-ups and subscriber special editions.
I worked in a comics-and-gaming store for several years, and I can't tell you how many casual readers would come in looking to sell long boxes full of Special Collector Editions. I really, really hated having to go through those boxes and pull out the tiny stack of books it was worth it for us to even buy. Some of these folks would point out that I must have missed their foil-stamped "First Issue!" alternate cover complete with a little hologram seal. So I'd double check inventory and learn that we had 30 copies in the warehouse and hadn't sold one in the last six months.

Having to explain to people that they'd fallen for marketing BS was easily the worst part of that job.

Adapting to electronic formats will be a huge change for the industry, but it could be a great thing for readers if the companies have to refocus on quality stories because their gimmicks become less effective.
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