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Newspaper vs Magazine Best Practice on Kindle

I am new Kindle 2 owner. So far I enjoyed it very much. I have a question for experienced users in best practice e-reading.

I have subscribed to a few newspapers in Kindle, such as Financial Times, since I enjoy the benefit of wireless delivery daily. This will save me a lot of time.

For the magazines, since many of them publishes every month or bi-weekly, we might be better off to use software such as Calibre to fetch them. For example, Calibre has The Economist (Print content), Forbes, Business Week, Discover Magazine, Scientific American, and Time. Since these magazine supposed not to be daily publication, it is okay for me to fetch them every Saturday or so.

My question is:
how good or complete is Calibre fetched magazines? Are they pretty much the complete content as print version or most of them are just fetched off their web content, and how different is the web content compared to their print content?

I have read somewhere that National Geographic has all print version online for free. Is this the case for most of the magazines listed above?

Will this Calibre thing works well? Or there is still no substitute for subscribing to the official Kindle Magazines?

What is your best practice?

Thanks a lot for your kind input.
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