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Originally Posted by TheDarkTrumpet View Post
I'll read the sources you provided, and I appreciate it greatly. I doubt any ebook will be 100% for me, but I'm hoping to make it perform for hopefully 70% of what I want/need for sure. The iliad may perform that much for me *shrug*
Yeah, definitely. If something makes you more efficient/effective, that's all that matters. Well, unless you're A-Rod and it's anabolic steroids or something. It's a shame these devices are so hard to find on display, in order to do mess around with them. The fact that I was able to put my hands on a Sony reader was probably the only reason I wound up buying it. The only device I would have considered buying on word-of-mouth alone was the Kindle, simply because of the high visibility and massive amount of stuff written about that device. I don't own one, but feel like I know it personally.

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