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Thanks for the opinions all.

The Iliad does seem like it's really the only viable choice, that's for sure. You're also right that trying to change my workflow too much fo the device will cause problems.

The main reason why I want to do what I do is because I prefer to carry as little weight as possible with me as I'm around campus, coffee shop, or whatever. So really in my bag the only things I currently carry are:
- Ipod
- ebook reader
- laptop (a netbook).
And really that's about it. The ebook reader I use currently on the bus, or when relaxing somewhere - and as you stated, for simple reading it's perfectly fine.

I'll read the sources you provided, and I appreciate it greatly. I doubt any ebook will be 100% for me, but I'm hoping to make it perform for hopefully 70% of what I want/need for sure. The iliad may perform that much for me *shrug*
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