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Unhappy Convert has failed

Originally Posted by wallcraft View Post
Calibre will convert DRM-free LIT to ePub or LRF. Use "ConvertLIT" or "ConvertLIT GUI" to strip the DRM.
Hi . . . I've tried about 10 times to Deconvert with ConvertLIT GUI for the test .lit book The Origins Of Wish You Well. But each time I get a 'Failed' message and I don't know why. I have downloaded MS Reader and activated it. Downloaded the book into MS Reader ( after realizing that I couldn't do all this with Firefox . . . that took a while! ) But now I am stuck and ticked off. As you have probably figured out I'm not too computer literate. I just want to be able to read more books on my PRS 505. I hate Adobe with DRM as it doesn't present itself properly in the Sony reader,and the Sony Bookstore is usually more expensive than for example Fictionwise, which also have more content. I have tried to follow all the help under this topic but can't seem to figure it all out and had sort of given up that project until I just saw this article and your comment here. I realize this is not a topic that can be discussed because of legalities. But I don't want to do anything illegal. I am buying books, but want books that I can read properly on my Sony.
Thanks for any help you guys can offer.
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