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Hi Oliver: it痴 the mobile version of a newspaper website, which is basically a stripped down HTML version (you can have a look at it here). And yes, my shell script downloads the whole thing locally, so you can read it offline on your iLiad. It痴 not a very big download anyway, I think they are ~30 HTML files plus images.

As for putting it in a non-programmer friendly format. I知 looking into that at the moment. I talked about this a bit with Matt Jadud and TadW, and I think we値l probably set up an open source project somewhere in the following weeks. The idea is to have some kind of GUI wrapper for this kinds of scripts that people can then tweak for their favourite newspaper.

Matt has done some work with OPML/RSS integration, whereas my approach has been a little bit more brutal (download everything right away). In other words, we値l see :-)

Oh, and by the way: on the 19th of September I will be in Eindhoven with TomBolini, to meet the iRex guys. Maybe we値l get to talk a bit about iLiad/newspapers integration.

I値l try to keep you posted.
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