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I want my family back - not dead authors...

OK - love my Kindle 2. It is a huge step up for me from K1 - with one HUGE exception.

I want my family back! Using the well-documented (thanks mobileread!) hack to change the screensaver images I carefully formatted about 30 family pictures and used them as my screensaver. I loved seeing different photos of my wife, son, etc. staring back at me from the desktop when my Kindle was just sitting there.

I just looked up and Agatha Christie is staring at me. Is she smiling? Or plotting something sinister? Why can't she leave me alone!!!

And after the first time I got the idea that I "slide and release the power switch to wake" - why does it keep telling me that...

Someone - please figure out how I can see my wife instead of Charlotte Bronte (although she is kinda cute...)
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