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Opinion on workflow (and enhancing it) - research-type workflow


I wanted to thank you guys for reading and helping with these recommendations. I've spent some time reading around, but wanted to post as well to see what some thought.

Ok, right now, I own the Sony Reader 505 - I love the device. I've had it for about a year and a quarter or so, pretty much since it came out, and it's been a trusty device for some time. I began reading more about the other ebook readers, and my father (being a semi driver and could use a small footprint) would like mine if I bought a new one. So I started to think more about my workflow...

I mostly read PDF-type books/articles. I traditionally highlight the books I read, take notes in the margins, and all that. For that reason, tech books I avoided getting on the reader because the PDF conversion isn't that fantastic (very large file sizes, all images, no highlighting, no searching, no notes, and bookmarks aren't exactly helpful given each page is an image from the program used). While the PDFs can be *read* I can't annotate like I normally I've been avoiding using the sony reader for that sorta stuff.

I also spend time downloading and reading technical journals as well...

I read around a bit at the various posts, and the reader that seemed recommended the most was that the iRex-type models are really good for this. Apparently they handle PDFs better, support highlighting, and all that. From what I read, the battery life is pretty bad though (something that could pose a problem).

From the people who are more the researcher-type people (e.g. kovidgoyal which I know uses a sony reader), how is your workflow with using the ebook readers? Do you have this sorta divide that I do in what the reader can handle and where one draws the line? From anyone of course, I would appreciate some help in determining the need and all that of a new reader, and with the possible purchase which one is good. Price is a bit of a factor, an 800+ reader is probably a bit much for me

Thanks for the help everyone.
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