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Well, definitely NOT an expert, but here goes.

Originally, I thought I just had to go to the page at gutenburg and right click on the one I wanted and "save as". That left me with a file that ended up image free. So, finally, I thought to do this instead (btw, I am using Firefox, don't know if that matters):

1. Go to the Gutenberg page and go all the way to the version I want, so I am actually looking at the book in my browser.
2. At the top of my browser go to File > Save Page As and then save it as "Web Page Complete" in whatever location you like, giving it a more descriptive name than those numbers from gutenberg. I keep a folder on my desktop that I call "eBook source files" and I put every thing I download in there.
3. Then, I used calibre (a very wonderful management program, have you seen it?) to convert the html to lrf. It worked like a charm.

Just in case you can't quite figure it out yet, I have gone ahead and converted it for you and attached it to this post. I will also post it in the correct section for sony book uploads. I have actually used that book in the past for my kids school! Only then I was printing it out!

Hope that helps! Feel free to ask more if I did not explain well! I am a newbie, too. Which model do you have? I have a 505, but am interested in a 700.
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