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Choosing a second e-reader device

Hi everyone

I am thinking on buying a second e-reading device - not something to substitute my Cybook (I believe no existing dedicated device can), but something with a (big) backlight screen that can offer something the Cybook (naturally) can't; something that allows me to read anything for 30 or 45 minutes, anyplace, without too much eye strain... Something portable, with good soffware available (my PSP would do it, if Sony was not so obtuse regarding third party aplications...).

I will, evidently, continue to use the Cybook as my main e-reading device.

I thought about the ipod touch. But it's touch screen does not please me that much, it is expensive and has a very reflective screen - a mate one would be better... (not an Apple fanboy here)

In the end, I am not even sure my intention is a very good one... Could it turn out to be a waste of money?


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