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** spoiler **
If u haven't read the book and are going 2 u shouldn't read anything on this page. (duh) I hated it when (You-Know-Who) died. You-Know-Who was the most important person 2 harry that was alive. & the way You-Know-Who died wasn't even a good death. They could've at least died saving Harry Potter or entrusting their powers 2 harry, or anything but what happened.
"Harry saw ****** duck Bellatrix's jet of red light: ** was laughing at her. "Come on, you can do better than that!" he yelled, his voice echoing around the cavernous room. The second jet of light hit him squarely ont the chest. (which was more than likely Avada Kadavra ) Overall the book was great, it was pretty cool how they fought all those dementors like that, especially since they were only using kindergarten spells compared 2 the ones being used against them. One thing i don't like, is how no good guys in the series so far (except 4 that 1 part in the 5th book) has used any dark arts TO FIGHT DEATH EATERS! I know some of u are lifeless enuff 2 say that im wrong in saying no good guy has ever used dark arts because crouch used the imperius curse on crouch jr. I mean are they supposed 2 kill death eaters if they aren't allowed 2? Dumbledore had the oppurtunity 2 erradicate several of the death eaters but he didn't cuz he wuzn't allowed, it makes me wonder if he even knows the curses. Harry should have 2 at least learn avada kadavra cuz how else is he gonna kill voldemort? I guess he could stun him a thousand times. And that part where Harry attacked Bellatrix wuz pretty cool but i wished he had dispensed with the foreplay and went straight for the kill. Another thing that would've made the book 1,000 times better would be if he would've brought Sirius back 2 life. Dumbledore mentioned he had power Voldemort didn't, so maybe he could've went 2 his body and brought him back somehow. Since he is "Harry Potter" he should be able 2 make up his own spells and curses.
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