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Ooooh. It's a good thing I didn't get that Cole Haan case which was the ONLY one I wanted, but the lack of the integrated "patented" hook was a deal breaker, those tabs are too distracting.

Seems like I don't have to take photos since there are so many photos and reviews and such that are popping up.

Here's my assessment so far:

I love the screen, I wish I could adjust the contrast though. It's not a deal breaker. OR maybe I thought the background was "whiter" than the current grey. The screen is still great.

The male voice is definitely more realistic sounding than the female voice. It's just OK, it has it's moments where it's a bit robotic, but I'm more into the reading than the experimental frills.

Web browsing is a bit rough for my taste, but that has to do with refresh rates. Websites are all about quick eye movement, scan and click and such...books are meant to be read word for word. An internet device this is not. A book reader it certainly is.

Having used it, I found myself trying a variety of positions to hold the device. I'm still trying to find my ultimate comfort zone. With the 505, I'd hold it from the bottom and have my thumb on the bottom left corner working the page back and forward buttons. This one doesn't work like that. I'll need more time on that.

I find the device a bit heavy, no? Anyone else think it's heavy? Especially in the leather cover from Amazon. Just picked it up without the leather cover, it feels great. A bit slippery. It's also hard to hold it with the cover on and it folded back with one's LEFT hand. It wants to slide. sounds like I'm being all negative here, but the truth is I love the device. I'm just giving my real world experience with it.

I LOVE the screensavers. Such beautiful photos.

Also love the fact that I can charge my phone, and kindle with the same cord. One less thing to shlep around!

I just thought about something: for those people who like to throw the device in a ziplock and read in the tub, the navigation button is more friendly than the scroll wheel I personally don't read when bathing, but it's something to think about.

The dictionary is wonderful. I learned so many new words today that I wouldn't have known just from context.

It's not a "perfect" device, but in my opinion it's the best option out there now. And the Amazon store has plenty of free content too.

I'm sure to update this thread with more findings. I really am enjoying it so far. Back to reading for me!!!

P.S. whoever asked me if it took a screen shot, yes, it did, it showed up on my kindle when I plugged it into my Mac.
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