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My kindle2 has arrived!!! It's GORGEOUS!

First off, it's much smaller than it looks on camera, those keyboard buttons are tiny!

It's VERY thin, feels VERY solid. I'm almost tempted to say it's a bit heavy, but I can't say for sure yet without really using it.

The box it came in is pretty sleek.

The Amazon Leather cover is AWESOME. The leather feels amazing and the interior felt feels like cashmere!!! The hook system is EXTREMELY secure from what I gain.

My books are already in there from my pre-kindle-madness-orders.

The screen is really nice.

The screensavers are a nice touch. Mr. Poe shows up in extraordinary detail!

I'll be spending my entire evening reading and writing my real-world review. So far it's magnificent.

Holding the flap back all the way between my fingers and pressing the next page feels very natural.

I'm really excited. I wish it arrived at 5pm so I don't have it sitting in my face all day haunting me to be read at work!!!

By the way, the text to speech sounds STELLAR!!! I mean, I was expecting a really crappy computer voice and to be honest, it's totally decent sounding. Not perfect, but you know, well worth your listening time
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