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Originally Posted by GeoffC View Post
Which ones are these? Does this include the free one bundled with the Cybook?


No, I've deleted all the initial stuff from the Ebook.

I've put "WordNet" and a demo of "Diccionario General de la Lengua Espaņola", the last one downloaded from Mobipocket.

Whenever I try to open them from the library, I get blank pages, and if I open the menu, it keeps visible, even if choose an option of the menu. Only when I push the back menu button enough times, I get back to the library.

When I use the option of search words from an Ebook (txt or prc), I get the same, the sreen gets blank (no words at all, and no messages on any kind), and I have to use the back button to go to the library and then need to open the book again (it doesn't go directly back to the book).

I cant't uderstand why this happens, is there any way to download the initial books present on the CyBook??, Just for testing purpouses.

Thanks a lot for your response.

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