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Help Design My Kindle 2 Cover/Case

Hello! As I await the arrival of my Kindle 2, I'm trying to channel my excitement into productive energy. Unsatisfied with the Amazon cover and cringing at the idea of leaving my Kindle unprotected for weeks while waiting for other manufacturers to begin production, I rather naively declared that I could create my own case.

However, never having owned an e-reader, I lack the personal experience to be able to optimize the design of my case. Thus, I am asking for your input. I'd appreciate any response to any/all of my questions.

How stiff is your cover? Would you prefer for it to feel like a hardcover or paperback book?
How much padding do you think is ideal? Minimal or Pillowy?
What kind of retention system do you like? The corner tabs with elastic, clips, or velcro?
How do you usually grasp your device, from the side? bottom? How does the space between the edge of your device and the edge of your case affect your ability to grasp the device and page turn?
What else do you like/dislike about your cover/case?
What else do you wish was/wasn't included in the design?

Thanks in advance for your help. I doubt my first model will be perfect, especially without the Kindle 2 in hand while creating it, but I know that if I don't do it beforehand I'll be having too much fun actually using the Kindle to get around to making a cover.
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